Playing Tourist in Cape Town

I started with the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art, otherwise known as the Silo having been used for grain in the past and now refashioned into a museum. The building itself was a piece of art, showcasing a mural up one wall and making use of its shape by keeping the centre empty to admire the surrounds, and utilising the space around it for the art. I’m not the most ‘arty’ person but I enjoyed walking around experiencing a collection so different from that of museums in the western world, exploring a culture so different from my own.

Situated on the waterfront, I took advantage of the beautiful day and walked around to explore, admiring the countless restaurants and cafes, with a food market and ferris wheel added in for extra entertainment, all right next to the water. I discovered an amphitheatre showcasing a talent show, with different groups taking the stage to perform dances or singing. I sat there for almost an hour, not noticing the time going past as I watched each performance, too intrigued about what the next one might be to get up and leave. I had no plans until later so it felt good to be on my own schedule, able to stop and do whatever took my fancy. It felt like the start of my solo adventure but I had to keep reminding myself that there was still one more week left of work before I could start properly.

That afternoon I met in the city for a free walking tour around Bo-Kaap, the town with the colourful houses. For almost 90 minutes a group of 25+ of us were guided from the city up to Bo-Kaap where we were explained the history of the colourful houses as well as information around Cape Town as a whole. It was an eye opener for me, learning more about where I was while meeting some new people, travellers themselves.

I got an Uber home before meeting some friends from work at Mojo Market, a busy warehouse building full of food stalls and bars with plenty of seating around accompanied by a couple of guys and guitars. The dinner choice was overwhelming and embracing my sweet tooth I couldn’t wait to get to dessert. Starting with a few samosas as we walked we grabbed some tacos and pulled pork bao buns to share before finishing off with some mini melting donuts. Being in Cape Town I had to grab a wine, knowing that everywhere I go will always provide me with a good glass considering the well renowned wine country I found myself in. We finished the night off with a trip up to the rooftop bar at the Radisson hotel, surprisingly quiet and closing up when we got there at 11pm on the Saturday night. It was nice to have the place to ourselves, coupled with the view of the waterfront below us and the stars above.

Sunday was the day of the Cape Town Cycle Tour, a 95 km race taking participants around the Cape Peninsula and following the outskirts of Table Mountain. I’m not someone who can cycle 1 km, let alone 95, so I went with some friends to a bar near our place, near the finish line, and watched them ride past while drinking wine and eating pizza. It was definitely my ideal way to spend the afternoon.

The weather turned pretty wet so we rushed home and settled down for a couple of movies before an early night. The benefit I’ve learned of long term travel is that I can afford to have a few days where I sit and enjoy myself in the same way that I would if I was living at home. Each and every day doesn’t have to be packed with different tourist destinations which is what makes things a little less stressful, it’s nice to be able to sit, relax and enjoy.

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