My Last Week of Work

The weather was off to a poor start again this week, treating me to a couple of rainy commutes instead of blue skies with the infamous table mountain in the foreground. When the weather cleared up I took advantage of my accomodation location and finished my working days off with a walk along the promenade, watching the sun go down over the ocean. Most of my nights this week I spent at home, feeling fairly tired and keen to start booking my next steps.

Work became a little busier as I rushed to complete everything I had set out to do. I’m happy that I did the two weeks, it was a good feeling having the first six weeks of my trip all sorted and I enjoyed meeting all the people I had heard so much about while working in Sydney. But in saying that, the idea of finishing on Friday was exciting, both from a personal perspective – because who doesn’t like to be officially unemployed and on holidays until the end of the year? – and for my travels, signifying the end of everything planned and the start of my own adventure where so far, nothing was even booked. On Friday we celebrated and there was a big spread for morning tea. I ate way too much of it and vowed to eat properly from then on, realising I wouldn’t be able to survive if I kept eating the way I have been. I’ve spoken about the benefits of long-term travel, but there’s some definite down sides too. Eating like you’re on holidays is one of them because if you do it for as long as my holiday is, you’ll eventually go home twice the size of when you left.

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