Markets and Wine Tasting

Free of my working responsibilities I took the opportunity to take a morning run along the promenade. For lunch I went to the Oranjezicht farmers market, showcasing an overwhelming range of food stalls as well as fresh fruit, craft items and gifts and a whole range of plants. The sun was out and it made the whole experience that much better, sitting among the locals enjoying their Saturdays still coming to terms with the idea that I could do this type of thing every day if I wanted until October.

I walked around the waterfront for a little bit but was turned off by the classic Cape Town wind and my forgetting a jacket, sending me on my way to the protection of the house. The weather here is similar to that of Melbourne, experiencing up to four seasons in just one day, forcing you to prepare for any situation no matter what your plan is.

I was given a warm welcome to Cape Town that afternoon, waking up after a nap to find one of our neighbours was almost broken in to. For me it enforced the need for the security measures taken around the area, something that still surprised me. Each house has burglar bars on the windows and a strong gate at the front door, many also have a brick wall leading to their front patio before the house, and this is topped with spikes and electric wiring above to prevent people climbing over. Despite all the warnings that I’d been given prior to leaving for South Africa and the safety measures I’ve encountered, I haven’t once felt unsafe here and I think it’s unfortunate that the unsafety of the place has been exaggerated. There are certain precautions you have to take and as mentioned, houses are made extremely secure, but the situation is not as bad as people say. As long as you’re vigilant and a bit street smart, you’ll be fine.

On Sunday I enjoyed a wine tour around Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, indulging in too many tasting glasses from four wineries and a standard glass of wine with lunch. The wineries here are something I can’t quite describe and something I hope my camera did justice. With the vineyards around each place and beyond that, a backdrop of mountains, it was hard to believe we were in South Africa and not the places you hear about and see in moves, like Italy. The wines were excellent and had I have been in Australia I hate to think how much I’d be out of pocket but on the other hand, how full my wine rack would be.

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