Sunset Cruises and Hiking with Seals

We drove into Knysna, a nice harbour town catered for tourists. Deciding to treat ourselves we booked ourselves in for a sunset cruise on the water up to the Knysna heads. Indulging in a bottle of wine and my first schnitty since Australia I was pretty happy, sitting on the upper deck chatting as the sun went down. We finished the night off with dessert back on land before walking home, happy to be somewhere safe enough to walk around provided we didn’t cross over to the city. Sleeping in a half-full 10 person dorm I encountered my first snorer, remembering the downfalls to staying in dorm rooms and acknowledging how lucky I had been so far.

After a less than great sleep we enjoyed the provided breakfast and stole some extra fruit for the road before driving to the heads that we’d cruised up to the previous night. Seeing it from above gave us some spectacular views and we walked around each of the view points, admiring the Indian Ocean and our view of Knysna.

Protests on the N2 highway stopped us from leaving too early and when the traffic eventually passed we drove through, seeing the leftover mess as we went. Only 40 minutes later we were in Plettenberg Bay where we would settle and stay for 3 nights. Similar to the other beach towns we’d stayed in but a bit bigger and busier we were happy to be able to take our time and enjoy the afternoon before finding the nearest Spar and doing some grocery shopping for our breakfasts and dinners.

The weather arguing with our desire for a beach day on Saturday we decided to do the Robberg hike instead, 10 kilometres around the Robberg peninsula. Stocked with water, snacks and our cameras we set off, thankfully coated in sunscreen when the sun came out of hiding. Along the way we were interrupted by the sound of seals, looking down the mountain into the water and seeing almost hundreds jumping and playing around with each other while some sat on the rocks. Arriving at ‘the point’ we had the opportunity to sit on the rocks and watch them jump in and out while we ate our lunch. They’re beautiful creatures and we were happy to not encounter a shark while we were there – despite the excitement that would have arisen – having heard some stories from other travelers who had done the same hike. The 2 hours around the other side of the mountain felt a lot longer with the heat getting to us, lessening our energy and slowing us down a bit.

Feeling achieved but pleased to get back to the hostel we were happy to find our leftovers in the fridge and took it easy that night, and the next day for that matter. Using the bad weather as an excuse to keep indoors we got organised and did some research, I attempted to re organise my bag (results to come at a later date) and actually got caught up on some Netflix, relishing in our 10 bed dorm to ourselves and one other who spent the day out of our way.

Monday morning we packed up and headed to the Lookout Deck, a restaurant sitting on the beach with some excellent burgers on offer, providing us with some real food after I’d buckled and had coco pops for dinner the night before – because when you’re an adult you’re allowed to have cereal for dinner. Saying goodbye to Plettenberg Bay we headed west again, back the way we’d come, to make a stop I’d been excited for since we’d booked it just a few days prior.

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