A Holiday in Jeffreys Bay

We drove the hour to Jeffreys Bay, a drive much longer than the half hour distances between the other locations we’d been stopping at. Upon arrival at the Island Vibe hostel, we were excited to see that the ocean views surrounded the rooms, bar and outdoor area making for an excellent location. It felt like we’d just rocked up at a nice resort in the perfect beach holiday destination – if you excused the dorm bunk beds and the pillows no longer the shape or form of comfortable pillows.

Waking up early the next day a couple of us went down to the beach for a morning workout. With the sun still rising and the sky a variety of colours it made for more motivation than I’m used to and I found myself really enjoying it, vowing to do it again the next day but unprepared for how much my muscles would hurt by then. Not helping my situation we decided to do a surfing lesson, acknowledging the fact that Jeffreys Bay is known for its surfing and we may as well take advantage of that fact. Expecting to fall off 90% of the time I was quite nervous but was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t fail as miserably as I expected, and I actually ‘caught’ a few waves. There were a fair few that I didn’t catch although I only fell properly once, so I thought I could be proud of the fact that while I wasn’t perfect, at least I’d managed to learn how to fall well.

With the sun out it became quite hot at midday, allowing me to wear my shorts for the first time in a while and continue my attempt at giving my legs a slightly more tanned shade of white. We walked to the surf village where the beach holiday vibes continued, feeling as though we weren’t in Africa but somewhere more tropical like Hawaii, complete with surf shops of brands we know from home (with the same outrageous prices) and boutique gift shops. In true hippy but beachy fashion the cafe we found offered healthy smoothies and vegan options on the lunch menu with a strong emphasis on salad and nothing fried. It felt good to have something a little healthier than we’ve grown used to as unhealthy is generally the easier option while traveling.

Relieving myself of my usual research and planning needs I decided to read – and complete – my book while sitting on the beach chair looking right over the ocean as the sun began to set. The hostel is just high enough that the view is excellent, and it provided a great backdrop as I read my final pages. After one of the most gourmet meals we’ve made – with the help of a friend – this last couple of weeks with not one but three elements to it we thought we’d skip our usual 10pm bedtime and enjoy a hostel in the way that you should; by playing beer pong. Unimpressed by the unusually long table we had low expectations for our success and were unfortunately correct in our assumptions. Two rounds took quite a while so we instead moved on to stack cup where we managed to entice half the bar to come and join the fun.

The next day while thankfully not feeling dusty from the night before, my muscles were certainly feeling it from the workout and the surfing. Treating ourselves to homemade pancakes for breakfast we sat at the table overlooking the ocean again, not very keen to leave as we’d enjoyed our beach getaway. Having one last walk along the beach we headed to a donut shop we’d seen advertised, indulging in the best chocolate dipped donuts with whatever topping you liked. I managed to buy a pair of sandals on our way home having decided that the pair I had brought with me simply weren’t going to survive, and nor was my bag from their shocking smell. Having been told not to bring anything with us if you went to the beach for a swim because it would get stolen, I decided to test the theory and left my old sandals there, hoping they may find a new owner. I actually didn’t go back to get the results but from the stories I’ve heard I can only assume they were taken.

Packing up our stuff again we got in the car, headed for our last destination together before Emily heads back to Cape Town and before I head to Joburg.

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