A Much Bigger Home in Reykjavik

While we were only staying in a one bedroom apartment it felt like a house after what we’d just been living in. It was the perfect conclusion to the trip with enough sightseeing on offer in town, a couple of happy hour drinks (which came out to your standard Australian pub cost) and some much needed time on the couch with Netflix and our doonas. The weather was clear for the weekend, while Friday was cut short when the rain came in, postponing our walking tour until Saturday. Due to the fact that it was an unusually small city there was not much in the way of sightseeing, pushing us to walk around a lot, peer in to shops and marvel at the prices, admire the ocean and distant mountains and enjoy a celebratory last hotdog when we thought we’d saved enough money to treat ourselves to lunch. Hotdogs were their unusual but traditional food choice offered in petrol stations, grocery stores and stands throughout the streets.

Our Airbnb was an hour’s walk out of the city centre but provided us with exercise each day and a nice way to further explore what Reykjavik had to offer, which wasn’t a whole lot. I made another commitment to working out and went for a couple of morning runs, enjoying the warm sun no matter what time I woke up to leave and allowing me to go for a walk after dinner with no fear of it getting dark and cold. 

Monday brought our goodbye with no date for when we’d next see each other again. I continue to get better at these goodbyes which I’m thankful for as I know that they play a big role in solo adventures like mine and will become more of a problem when I settle down in Canada at the end of the year. Again, it has been great to have a travel buddy, but I do look forward to being on my own again and experiencing and exploring a new continent by myself.