Sunny England

England was a change of pace from Bangkok, with ideal weather for me, contrary to popular opinion – although this week has been very unlike England’s usual weather. One week in and finally my body has figured out what time it is, no longer waking me up before 6am no matter how late I’d gone to bed the night before. Weirdly, I wasn’t tired during the days despite not getting nearly enough sleep in the evenings, but I’d say my less than healthy lifestyle before leaving Whistler helped me deal with such nights.

Surprisingly it wasn’t even too rainy, bringing the Brits out in waves to enjoy the ‘summer’ while it lasted. In fairness, there has even been a few sunny days. So this also meant I was able to spend a few enjoyable hours exploring Richmond park, admiring the free roaming deer and the freshly bloomed flowers. The sun was even better than I realised, leaving me with fairly burnt shoulders by the end of it too. One of the only people to get burnt in the UK surely?

A few days in and it was already Friday afternoon, sending us on an adventure to East Sussex for Emily’s hen weekend. Don’t worry, I won’t turn this into a post about a hen do. It was a lovely weekend in the English countryside, with narrow roads, endless greenery and beautiful old, traditional houses, alongside copious amounts of alcohol and penis shaped straws of course (sorry, Gran).

In my downtime I’ve been borrowing Emily’s laptop to plan my week ahead in Wales. With my pseudo travel agent dad back home on the iPad sending me various ideas, accomodation options and walking routes, I was finally able to get it sorted. With a train to Tenby booked for Monday it’s finally a go, and I should have some more to write about.