Five Months in Africa

On the 27th of January I jumped on a plane to a continent I knew nothing about. I was alone, I had the first six weeks planned due to a voluntary internship and work for my previous employer, and the rest was to be confirmed. It’s been five months now and Africa has continued to … More Five Months in Africa

The End of Project

Monday had us finalising our handover document so that when the next teams would arrive they’d know exactly what we did and what they needed to do. We worked from home for the day, working together to edit and finish off each section whilst also getting our slides ready for our project pitch on Wednesday. … More The End of Project

A Weekend at Home

I’d decided the night before that I would not be going on the hike up Mount Soche knowing that I’d be feeling a little worse for wear. In spite of the hangover I was pretty keen to spend a day at the house for once. I believe there was a pretty good turn out at … More A Weekend at Home

Lake Malawi

The week following Liwonde was a fairly busy one. Realising how little time we had left we all put our heads down to get everything done. Tuesday brought an unideal pitch practise, being given a topic, then 30 seconds to think about it before speaking for a minute and a half. My topic was rice … More Lake Malawi


Excitement ran high as we moved into the weekend, destined for Liwonde Safari Camp. We headed off in the morning, stopping by Shoprite again to stock up on water and snacks, as well as anything else to get us through the 3 hour drive up there. Again, all 34 of us crammed into the 3 … More Liwonde


All 34 of us packed in to 3 vans to drive 2 hours north to an area called Zomba, a beautiful plateau with various hikes we could take on. We left early Saturday morning and stopped by Shoprite – like Woolworths – on the way for snacks before embarking on the relatively uncomfortable and crammed … More Zomba

Start of Project

Our group had basically taken over Doogles and on Thursday morning we woke up early to order breakfast, knowing it would take an unreasonably long amount of time for our food to arrive because we’re living on Africa time here. All 27 of us walked down the road to a random petrol station with our … More Start of Project

First Steps

We spent the first 2 hours of our day walking to a museum, the first half hour due to walking in the complete opposite direction. This gave us a real taste for Malawi and what our upcoming month might be like. We’re popular, that’s for sure. We can’t get down a road without being stared … More First Steps