Five Months in Africa

On the 27th of January I jumped on a plane to a continent I knew nothing about. I was alone, I had the first six weeks planned due to a voluntary internship and work for my previous employer, and the rest was to be confirmed. It’s been five months now and Africa has continued to … More Five Months in Africa

The Benefits of a Routine

I’ve discovered that while I love traveling, sometimes all you need is some structure in your life. A routine, something that keeps you grounded and helps give you some stability. That’s what this Workaway experience has done for me. I wake up in the morning, do some exercise and then help prepare and clean up … More The Benefits of a Routine

My Last African Safaris, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater

We drove through the gates of the Serengeti and The Lion King theme song came to mind as we looked out over the landscape ahead of us. The 200km drive to our campsite provided us with a herd of elephants way in the distance, giraffes, impala and baboons, and a lot of zebras that were … More My Last African Safaris, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater

Start of the Tour

I spent Saturday in Nairobi. Emily arrived back from a section of her tour and we got to spend the afternoon and evening together, just separating for our respective tour welcome meetings. It was good to see her after a few months, and even more exciting to know that we were dedicated to staying in … More Start of the Tour