The Beauty of Iceland

I’m actually struggling to describe Iceland because every part of it is so beautiful in a completely different way. Even the drives are incredible. I should be tiring after an hour or so, especially because I haven’t driven in so long, but the views keep me awake, always changing and always stunning. We drive up … More The Beauty of Iceland

Five Months in Africa

On the 27th of January I jumped on a plane to a continent I knew nothing about. I was alone, I had the first six weeks planned due to a voluntary internship and work for my previous employer, and the rest was to be confirmed. It’s been five months now and Africa has continued to … More Five Months in Africa

The Benefits of a Routine

I’ve discovered that while I love traveling, sometimes all you need is some structure in your life. A routine, something that keeps you grounded and helps give you some stability. That’s what this Workaway experience has done for me. I wake up in the morning, do some exercise and then help prepare and clean up … More The Benefits of a Routine