‘To travel and see, I love it’ was what my taxi driver uttered as I exited the airport and told him of my plans to travel for who knows how long, starting with Africa and ending who knows where. 

I’m Diana, originally from Sydney, Australia. I haven’t taken the usual route through life so far, I bailed on Uni after one year and began my life of travel by taking 7 weeks through India, Vietnam and Cambodia. I found a great job and settled down in full time working life while my friends continued through Uni. At the end of 2018 I signed up for a month of volunteering in Malawi in February 2019 and decided not to come home, to explore the rest of Africa – and wherever else I find myself – before I settle down in Canada in October to spend a season on the snow. 

Solo travel is a whole adventure in itself, it comes with some serious low points, but some amazing high points that make it all worthwhile. Read my posts to hear about the places I’m going and how it feels to do an adventure like this on your own. 

Email: dianacavill@gmail.com

Instagram: cavillstravels